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About Us

At LABS consulting we offer a wide range of high quality learning and development programmes both in the UK and internationally. Designed to solve an organisation’s capacity-building requirements within the global context, we offer both open programmes and customised training solutions and workshops.

Over the years, we have built our reputation in the area of capacity building in emerging economies: all our programmes are based on the most current thinking in the field, and are underpinned by comprehensive customer care and ongoing logistical support throughout your experience with LABS Consulting. Together, we will make the most of every hour of every day on your programme.

We understand capacity building
Our unparalleled experience of providing learning and development for public services worldwide – spanning more than 13 years – gives us the depth and breadth of expertise that makes LABS Consulting an aspiring leader in its field.

By creating an interactive environment that activates all modes of learning, we assist senior personnel and specialists from all over the world in their professional development.
We possess knowledge that transforms organisations, and we are eager to help you take this with you. A partnership with LABS Consulting is a partnership for progress and results. We do not drop you even when you out of our doors.

Trained by practitioners and thought leaders
Our experienced practitioners cover a wide range of different subjects and areas of expertise. What they all have in common is a pragmatic approach to learning, up-to-date subject expertise, and firm practical knowledge from being practitioners themselves.

Constantly developing portfolio
Our curricula are not only adapted to the latest best practice, sector standards and regulatory frameworks, we are also keeping ahead of them by being proactive in following our clients challenges, and developing our training solutions to suit public sector needs as they evolve.

Network with peers
Our programmes are frequented by distinguished professionals from all over the world: meeting and networking with them is a valuable addition to our programmes.

Supportive environment
During the programme, you will receive one-to-one coaching from our experienced practitioners. But our support doesn’t stop at the end of the programme: upon returning to work, you will receive regular emails and text messages to remind you of key learning points.

About Labs consulting