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Training for Employment – Gain Employability Skills

What we offer

At Lagos Nigeria and Stratford UK, we are committed to providing high quality training solutions that will help you find the job of your dreams as well as overcome any barriers that may be between you and that vacancy. The short training courses that we offer will help you gain essential skills, initial qualifications, certifications include the following benefits:

  • A great introduction to the sector of your choice
  • Increased your level of confidence in your choosing pathway
  • Knowledge and essential skills for the job modern job market
  • Builds your CV, learn to job search, interview skills with live role-plays and feedback
  • Employability, essentials skills and mandatory certificates for different environments
  • Some Work Experience Opportunities with selected Employers
  • Available right through the year


Short courses

We offer a range of short courses to help you progress including:

  • Edexcel Awards in Practical Work Skills for the Cleaning Sector
  •  Edexcel Entry Level Award Introduction to Hospitality and Catering
  •  Edexcel Level 1 Award/Certificate in ICT Skills for the Work Place
  • Edexcel Entry 3 Award in Work Skills (Work Club)
  • Edexcel L1 Award in Health and Social Care
  • L1 Award in Workskills for Retail
  • C&G L1 & L2 ICT Web Design Course
  • C&G Pre-Entry to Entry 3 ESOL Literacy Qualifications


What our Learners have said: The new skills I learned on this course has opened lots of doors and helped me on the career path I dreamed of”.
Learner from ‘Edexcel L1 Award in Health and Social Care

“I thought webdesign looked fun and wanted to start a career in that area, but didn’t know anything about programming before I started. But this course taught me everything I needed to know and have just started my first job”.
Learner from ‘C&G L1 & L2 ICT Web Design

“This course was first class! I learnt a lot and it gave me the confidence to start a new career. My qualification was also the key selling point on my CV that made my job application stand out against other applicants. It kick-started my career and I am now in fulltime employment. Thanks again to the College and all my teachers… I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your kind and encouraging support!”
Learner from ‘Retail – Pre-employment Training Programme

“From day one, I had such a marvellous learning experience under two fabulous teachers. My confidence to study grew and I am now keen to study further.”
Learner from ‘ICT Skills for the Work Place’



You are eligible to access these courses free of charge if you are actively looking for work and are on:

  • Job Seekers benefit
  • ESA (WRAG) benefit
  • Income Support*
  • Lone Parent* benefit and actively looking for work

*You will need to self-declare that you are actively looking for employment when you enrol

How to Enrol

Inform your Job Centre Advisor/Work Programme Advisor which course you would like to attend and discuss options with them. The advisor will then complete and issue a referral work programme confirmation letter. Or just come in to enrol with your benefits evidence.

Enrolment days are every Tuesday at 10.00am, at London Academy Business School East London Centre

How to Apply

Apply Online or…

Please attend an Enrolment Day:

For courses at East London Centre Stratford:
Enrolment days are every Tuesday at 10.00 at our Training Centre, Boardman House, 64 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 1NG

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